Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

We have finished our rattles! Earlier last week, we sewed together two pieces of rawhide with sinew and stuffed our pouches with sand to form our rattles. Once our rattles were dry we painted them and filled them with beans, rocks, and rice to give them a unique 'rattle' sound.

Take a look at our Division 2 artists at work!

Painting stripes takes focus
Bear paws on Cole's rattle.


When the paint was dry, we filled our rattles with different objects to give them their 'rattle'!

Can you hear the differences between these rattles? 

The awesome dudes of Division 2 with their rattles.
The magnificent ladies of Division 2 with their rattles.
Click on a photo to make it larger. :) 

Some of our rattles were created especially for Dads!

Leave us a comment:

Who did you give your rattle to? 

What did you think about making rattles? Was it difficult? Easy? 

How did you decide what objects to put into your rattle to give it its sound? 

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