Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Multiplying Magicians!

Our class is learning about multiplying! Yesterday, we made a Math-Art project that was a bit of a game, too! We rolled two dice and used the numbers we rolled to help us build multiplication arrays on a large piece of graph paper. One number rolled became the number of rows, and the other number told us how many squares to colour in each row. Check us out in action!

Lots of interesting conversations were had about how to make arrays. 
Would we draw it in 5 rows of 6, or 6 rows of 5? 
And, hey! Did you notice that 3 rows of 4 covers the same number of squares as 2 rows of 6? Cool! 

Iven and Preston came up with another creative way to show what a roll of the dice meant! 
Here, they showed 3 x 2 = 6.

Crayons love Math, don't you know?
 And, at the request of one fabulous group of Mathematicians, here is one of our favourite new Math videos:

A Fresh New Beat for Multiplying Fives 

Leave us a comment: 

What is your favourite number to multiply by? 

Can you build an array in your comment with *'s ? 

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