Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Making Rattles

The talented students in Division 2 are making rattles. Our rattles are made out of hide and sinew. We had to soak the hide overnight to make it soft and flexible. Then, using a needle, we sewed the hide together with a long strand of sinew.

Once we had sewn the pieces of hide together firmly, we filled the hide with sand. The sand makes the hide bulge in the middle. When the hide dries, we will empty out the sand and our rattles will be hollow.

We hung our rattles up by the sinew so the stitches will tighten as they dry. Tomorrow, we will empty out the sand and choose objects to put in our rattle to make the sound!

Leave us a comment: 

What was the experience of making a rattle like? Was it difficult, or easy? 

What objects do you think we could put inside the rattle to make a noise? 

Have you ever made anything out of hide and sinew before? What did you make?

1 comment:

  1. @ div2

    I think the rattles are cool!



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