Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NEW Voicemail!

Have you seen the new voicemail button floating on the right hand side of our blog? If you click on it, you can send us a voice message!

We had some time this week to play with our new voicemail, and everyone seemed to have the same thing on their mind ... Miss. OC! Check out what Division 2 had to say ...

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What do you think about the new voicemail feature on our blog?

Give our new voicemail a try: all you have to do is click the grey "send voicemail" button, press the green "start recording" button, and then start talking!  


  1. To Div2:
    Riannon is still sick and she can't wait to see you all again, she left a voicemail message earlier for you all to hear ;)

    Hope your all enjoying your last days of school.

    From Riannon's Mom.

  2. Hi Riannon's Mom!

    I was very excited to see a voicemail from Riannon! Unfortunately, when I checked it, it would only play a few seconds of the message before it cut Riannon off. :( I hope Riannon takes another try at leaving us a voicemail!

    Get well soon, Riannon! We miss you very much!

    Miss. OC


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