Friday, March 16, 2012

Elder's Tea - Tuesday March 27th

Division 2 will be hosting Lytton Elementary School's monthly Elder's Tea on Tuesday, March 27th at 2:00pm. 

Please join us for coffee, tea, and snacks. Bring your drum, and join us in a drumming circle. 

If you've been reading our blog lately, you'll have seen that we have been practicing drumming with Harvey Dunstan every Friday. We are so excited to share our drumming with our Elders at the Elder's tea! Don't forget to bring your drum with you to the Tea so that you can join us in singing and drumming all our favourite songs.

This week, our class made paper drums to give to our Elders as an invitation to the Elder's Tea. Take a look at our beautiful artwork!

Our paper drums took a lot of work to make. We made the drum "skins" out of crumpled paper and painted them with tea bags! When the tea dried, it had stained our paper a light brown. The crinkles in the paper held on to more of the pigment of the tea, so that is what made the darker brown lines and spots. We made our drum frames with card stock and laced them with twine and raffia. When our drums were assembled, we painted on designs. We modelled our drum invitations after the drums we play with when we practice drumming with Harvey. 

We can't wait to show you everything we've learned about drumming! See you on the 27th! 

Leave us a comment: 

Who will you be inviting to our Elder's tea? 

Ask your Elder: What is their favourite drumming song? 

What song is your favourite to drum or sing? 


  1. To Miss.OC
    I wish i could make a drum. I might be coming home on Monday.

    From Trinity

    1. @ Trinty.Hi Trinty its Riannon.I got a qustion for you.When are you coming back Trinty?

      your friend Riannon

  2. To div 2,
    I had fun making drum invitations. It was cool making the skin for it. I had lots of fun painting.

    from Brooke-lynne

    1. Hi Brook-lynn.I liked making invitations and macking the skin and painting it too.

      From Riannon

  3. Me to It was so much fun making the skin
    and pinting.


  4. Alexis and KatelynnApril 24, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    Dear div2.
    We liked making the elder tea cards.
    it was really fun.

    From.Katelynn and Alexis.

  5. @ Trin,did you hav fun drumming?

    from rain

  6. I had lots of fun making drum invitations.
    From Cole.

  7. Dear div2

    I had fun making the invutashuns for the elders tea.
    Did you have fun?


  8. @ Katelynn
    I like your drum skin.
    Did you like mine Katelynn?

    your friend Riannon


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