Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cowie the Stuffy **Family Blogging Month Winner**

Preston was one of the winners of our Family Blogging Month Challenge. Preston and his relatives worked hard to make lots of comments on our blog during the month of November. Preston won the chance to write his own post for our blog. Preston decided to write about one of his favourite toys. Check out his lovely post and leave him a comment!

This is my stuffy Cowie. He is 3 years old. I got Cowie at fun fair when I was 5. Cowie has had lots of adventures in past the 3 years.

Cowie joins our family on trips. When we go to Kamloops, Cowie comes with us to the gas station to get snacks before we leave . In the car, Cowie and I play my DS. While we're shopping in Kamloops, Cowie hangs out in my pocket.

One time, Cowie came camping with me. In September last year, Cowie and I went camping at my friend Skyler's house.We built a fort to sleep in! We stayed there for 4 days.Cowie got to play with Skyler's stuffies and make new friend.

When I was 6 years old, Cowie got a new friend. At Fun Fair I played a game where I had to throw a ball into a basketball net. I won and I got to pick out a prize. I picked Piggie. Piggie is just like Cowie! They are friends. Cowie and Piggie like to hang togther.One time, they got lost! In my basement toy room there are toys all over the floor - you can't even see the floor! My mom and dad cleaned up all the toys one day with my and my sister and Cowie and Piggie got put in a bin and moved to the storage room. I didn't know they were in  there! I looked for Cowie and Piggie for two months! Me and my sister and my friend Mackenzie were looking for another toy one day, when we spotted Piggie and Cowie! I was very happy to see them again.

In that picture with Cowie he got bit by a dog at Cache Creek. My sewed him up.

Leave Preston a comment: 

Do you have a favourite toy?

Did you ever have a toy get lost in the basement?


  1. Dear Preston
    I like your story that you made with your friends.

    your friend Brandon

  2. To Preston.
    How many friends did Cowie make? How old is Piggie?
    Your blog post looks cool!
    From Cole.

    1. @Cole

      Piggie is 2 years old and Cowie 10 friends.

      From Preston

  3. @Preston

    I have one favorite stuffy, it's a panda.I named it Pandy. It has two big orange eyes and black in the middle of the its eyes. It has black and white fur. Pandy is 2 years old. I got pandy when I was 7 years old. I lost pandy at Tasia and Troy's house. I left him in Tasias room on her bed. Tasia said she slept with Pandy. Then the next day I slept over at her house and I got pandy back from Tasia house. Have you lost Cowie at a friends house before, Preston?

    from Riannon

    1. @Riannon,

      No I did not lose a stuffy at a friends house before.

      From Preston

  4. @ Preston
    Does your brother have a favorite stuffy? My sister has a favorite stuffy. Her favorite is a pink bunny.

    From Riannon

  5. To Preston,
    Hey Preston, I like your Cowie. You are a very good friend.

  6. @ Preston

    What game did you get Cowie from?

    From Ebony

  7. @ Preston I like Cowie! I want to get a Cowie because Cowie is awesome.

    From Rain


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