Sunday, March 4, 2012

World Math Games

The World Math Games are on Tuesday, March 6th and you can participate in Math challenges against students your age from around the world! There are prizes to be won for students who answer the most correct questions in their age group. Because you are all Mathletics users, you are already signed up to participate!

To participate, just log into your Mathletics account and click on Live Mathletics. A window will open and give you the option of playing Live Mathletics or participating in the World Math Games. Just click on the World Math Games button to head there! Play as many games as you can on Tuesday, March 6th. The more correct answers you get, the more points you earn!

You can also practice before the games start. Again, just log into your Mathletics account and click on Live Mathletics. Before Tuesday, you will have the option to play Live Mathletics or practice for the World Math Games. Click on Practice to head there!

Good luck everyone!

Please email me if you have forgotten your Mathletics password.

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