Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out of this World!

Division 2 is back from a relaxing break and we are ready to learn something new! In Science we are starting a new unit all about Space. Our planet, Earth, shares space with the other planets in our solar system. We are learning the names of all of the planets in the solar system, and what makes each of them special.

During our Art class last week we dreamed up our own planets. Check out the new planets we created:

We used chalk, oil pastels, and paint to create the surface of our planets.
We created planets with warm or cool colour palates.

Just like in our solar system, no two planets are the same!
Some planets have large blotches that are storms, craters, or lakes and oceans. 

Our planets have very detailed surfaces. 

What would it be like to visit this planet? 

Leave us a comment: 

What features did you create on your planet's surface? 

What facts do you know about our solar system?


  1. Div 2 you did a great job on creating new planets! Wouldn't it be great to grow up and become an astronaut to visit a planet? I think all of you could do it! :)

  2. @ Kansas,

    I think it would be amazing to be an astronaut! The best part would be exploring something that no one else had seen. Can you imagine being the first person to ever walk on a new planet? What an experience!

    I've seen pictures of the planet earth taken from the space station, and it looks like a beautiful, shining marble. It would be breathtaking to see it for myself from outer space!

    Miss. OC

  3. Dear div2
    I really like them all, none are bad. I wonder if some are real planets?

    from Brooke-lynne

  4. @ div2,

    I really like the pretty planets. Miss. OC, how come the Milky Way is made out of lots and lots of stars?

    from RAIN

    1. @Rain,

      The Milky Way is a galaxy - it is home to many stars, planets, comets, and other interesting things. There are over 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. And, it's not even the only galaxy out there! There are other galaxies far away from the Milky Way that also have lots of stars and even some planets!

      Miss. OC

  5. Dear.div2,

    I like your planets. Did you have fun making planets? I would have made a blue planet that was small. I would have drawn squares with little circles in them on my planet. Those squares would be alien and zombie homes. And some people, too.

    From Butterfly


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