Monday, January 16, 2012

New Students

This month we got two new students in our classroom! (And they're not salmon - they're people!)

Please welcome these new friends to our blog and our classroom.

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What advice do you have for our new friends? 

What questions do you have for our new friends?


  1. Dear Jolene,

    How are you doing at your new school? When are you moving to Merritt? Are you going to miss our school?

    From your friend,


  2. To Jolene,

    I will miss you. Did you make new friends at Merritt?

    From Trinity

  3. Dear Miss. OC,

    It's too bad that Jolene is leaving Miss.OC. Why does Jolene have to go to Merritt?


  4. @ Jolene,

    Bye! I'll miss you. What are you going to do at Merritt?

    From Ebony

  5. @jolene
    I will miss you too.are you having fun?

    from Brooke-lynne

    1. To Brooke-lanne I miss Jolene too.Do you wish Jolene was still here because I do.


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