Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!


Miss. OC is wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays!


  1. Dear Division 2,

    The best part of my Christmas Holidays was spending time with my awesome family and my kitten, Albert, because I really missed them all year.

    I also liked eating lots of food - especially turkey and stuffing - because Andy's mom makes the best stuffing ever.

    Your teacher,

    Miss. OC

  2. Dear Miss . OC,

    The best part about my holiday was Christmas because I got an iPod touch.

    Your friend, Jaylee

  3. Dear Miss OC

    The best part about my holiday was getting presents from Santa because the presents are COOL and I got lots of them.

    Your friend Brandon

  4. Dear Katelynn
    The best part about my holiday was christmas because I get to open presents and see what is in
    my stockin the end

    your frend Trinity

  5. Dear Miss.OC
    The best part about my holiday was I saw my family and I had fun!
    by Cole.

  6. @ Miss OC

    The best present Rain got for Christmas was a quad because quads are awesome. The best new years eve is when you get to watch fire works. The best present Riannon got is a glow tent.


  7. Dear Division 2,

    On the holiday I got to go to the movie theatre and I got lots of presents. I got to see my Grandma and Aunty Britany. My favorite present was my petshop plane and my walkabout petshops because the plane has seats for the pets and the people and the walkabout petshops can walk by themselves!

    Your friend, Katelynn

  8. Dear Div2.

    My best part about my holiday was Christmas because I got presents because they where cool.

    from Preston

  9. Dear Miss.OC

    The best part about my holidays was Christmas because I opened presents. I opened my stocking and I found earrings and a zuzu pet.

    From Fuzzy


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