Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Math Art

Last week, we used the pumpkin seeds we harvested from our pumpkins to count in groups of ten all the way to one hundred. Check out our cool creations!


Today we used our finished artwork to count even higher. Counting each piece of art as one hundred, we were able to skip count by hundreds all the way to one thousand! Take a look at our skip counting artwork on display in the hallway.

Leave us a comment: 

Can you skip count by 100's to 1000? 

If your class counted by 100s, and each person counted one group of 100, how high could you count? 


  1. @ Miss'Oc
    I think that everone's art work was GREAT


  2. Good job Division 2! Looking forward to seeing more beautiful artwork!

  3. Wonderful artwork Division 2! It must have taken a bit of time to glue all the pumpkin seeds into place.

  4. dear div2

    I can skip count by 100's to 1000

    from Preston

  5. Well done Division 2!! Very creative!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Cheers, Mrs. P
    (past STA at LES....miss you guys!!)

  6. Love the pumpkin seed art and math. I've still got pumpkins in my garden that aren't ripe yet!

    Friend of Jevan's mom
    in Kansas USA

  7. Excellent Blog you have here. I enjoyed going to your buddies schools as well. As Chair of the Board of Education for our School District and Education Coordinator for Bridge River Band (JA's Band)I enjoy staying connected but cannot always get out to the schools. I see you are getting comments from around the world on your blogs. Keep up the great work!!! :) Valerie

  8. @ div2,my favorit field trip was the salmon run
    it was grouse and asome at the salmon run. my favorit was when we saw fish still laying eggs

    your friend riannon

  9. Hello Jevan
    Happy days for you! The art work was very good and you have a great teacher!
    Uncle Doug

  10. Hello Jevan, You look so happy - maybe it is because of the nice teacher you have. Good luck on your family month. We will all try to help. Love, Aunty Bub

  11. Hi Jevan,
    I am impressed by the creativity of the pumpkin art! Very nice. Love, Aunty Bev

  12. Dear Miss. OC,

    I liked gluing on the seeds.

    I had fun!

    I liked colouring and drawing, too.


  13. @Valerie,

    Thank-you for visiting our blog! We are always excited when we get a comment from someone new. It is really neat to start conversations with people in our community, across Canada, and around the world.

    We hope you come back soon to see what we are up to!

    - Miss. OC

  14. Thank-you to all of our friends and family who are posting such encouraging comments. We check our comments every morning to see who has stopped by and we are always excited to hear from someone new!

    Thank-you for helping us meet our goal of getting 100 comments on our blog this month!

    Your friends,

    Division 2

  15. @ Alexis

    Thank-you, Alexis that was nice.

    Your student, Ebony

  16. Hi Division 2. I was wondering if anyone with a really small pumpkin had a hard time getting enough seeds? Did you have to share seeds with other students to have enough to make your collection?
    Thanks, Miss. Petschl
    (this is a point for Miss. OC)

  17. Dear div2

    I can skip count to 2000 by 100's

    from Preston

  18. dear div2

    My favourite part was glueing the seeds down

    from you"r student brooke-lynne


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