Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Ice cream Puzzle

On Friday, students in Division 2 were posed with a big problem:

 Your mother has sent you to go get ice cream cones for the whole family, all 5 of you, only, you can't remember who ordered what! You're pretty sure some people ordered chocolate, and some ordered strawberry, but you don't remember how many of each!

Students set to work on figuring out how many different orders they could make at the ice cream store, knowing they had to bring back enough for 5 people and that chocolate and strawberry were the flavours their family requested. 

In groups of 3 and 4, we worked together to brainstorm possible solutions, record our ideas, and share our ideas with the class. We had fun working with coloured chalk on the giant chalkboard, recording our work with whiteboard markers, writing on the smartboard, and solving our problems on the windows! 

Check out our brilliant minds at work! 

We talked to each other to share our ideas.
We all got to share our thinking.
We used words and pictures to record our solutions.
We took turns sharing our materials.

Leave us a comment:

What combination of chocolate and strawberry would you order for your family at the ice cream store? 

How many combinations can you think of? 

What did you like about our problem-solving Friday?


  1. Dear Division 2,

    I would not order any chocolate or any strawberry for my family. I would order rocky road for my dad, coffee for my sister and something caramelly for my mom (caramelly isn't a word but I'm going to use it anyway). I would order vanilla for myself...or bubblegum!! If you could make up any flavour of ice cream, what would it be? Did you know you can make your own ice cream using ice, salt, cream, milk, sugar and zip loc bags? Maybe Miss OC will show you how :)

    From Deanna
    Edmonton, AB

  2. Mmmmm! I like ice cream too! I would pick strawberry for myself :)

    From Sydney A

  3. Dear div2

    my favrite thing was drawing

    from Preston

  4. Hello Div 2! I would put a scoop of choclate and a scoop of strawberry on each cone! hehehe I think my granddaughter Ebony would love that!
    I Love seeing what you all do in class. My hat off to you Miss. OC

    Nana Hunsbedt

  5. Hi Div 2
    I like the way you all work together to solve problems. Have a great week at school and have fun.

    from Monica

  6. I so like vanilla, but if I had to choose between chocolate and strawberry I'd pick strawberry, mmm mmm mmm!

  7. Dear Division 2,

    It looks like you had a lot of FUN on friday thinking about ice cream!! I like raspberry cheesecake ice cream:) YUM YUM. Brandon's favorite is Chocolate!

    From Brandon's mom:)

  8. From Ebony's Dad!
    It would be very easy for our family! When in doubt order chocolate!
    Very excited to see what's new in Div.2! Like to check up on my daughter Ebony.. must be a dad thing.. muahaha

    From Stephen Hunsbedt

  9. I would order a scoop of both as well.
    Jevan's Sister, Dallas.

  10. Dear Miss.OC

    I had fun drawing ice cream cones.

    I like chocolate ice cream.

    your friend,


  11. @Stephen,

    My family is crazy about chocolate, too! I am the only one in my family who likes fruity ice cream flavours.

    Ebony was very excited to see your comment. We hope you come back and check in on us often!

    Miss. OC

  12. Dear div2

    I can think of 6 things

    from Preston

  13. @Preston,

    What are the 6 combinations you thought of?

    Your teacher,

    Miss. OC

  14. @Deanna,

    We have some great ideas for ice cream flavours:

    Blueberry, ALL berry (that has all berries mixed up in it), Raspberry, Bacon, Spaghetti, Egg, Rainbow Cream (made with real rainbows), Gold ice cream, Hair ice cream, Salmon, Human eyeball ice cream (for all the cannibals out there), Chocolate tarts ice cream, Michuk ice cream (those are little black and red berries that grow near Lytton), Meatball, Popcorn, and Pizza ice cream!

    We had a lot of fun coming up with these crazy ice cream flavours! :)

    Your friends,

    Division 2

  15. Hmmm, well I know that I would want chocolate ice cream, and there are six people in my family, so that leaves five left. I don't think I could carry five more chocolate cones AND five more strawberry cones so that everyone could be sure to get what they wanted (I only have two hands!), but I remembered a few things about my family and what kind of ice cream they like:

    1. Only one of my siblings likes the same flavour as I do.
    2. My two brothers do not like the same flavour as each other.
    3. My mom and my sister like the same flavour.
    4. My mom and my dad don't like the same flavour.
    5. If my youngest brother can't finish his, my dad will, because they like the same flavour.

    Can you figure out what kind of ice cream everybody likes? This is one of my favourite types of puzzles!

    Andy (Friend of Miss OC)

  16. dear div2
    If I had to choose between choclate and straberryI woud choose straberry

    from brook-lynne

  17. I would get three choclait and two stroawberry

    your student Ebony

  18. I think I would get the flavour I want and then get two of chocolate and two strawberry. Then let everyone choose their flavour from that. I bet it was fun trying to come up with all the different scenarios.

  19. @Andy,

    We figured out what your family would order!

    You ordered chocolate and so did Tim and dad.

    Your mom ordered strawberry and so did Lucy and Paul.

    Did we get it right?

    From Div2

  20. Dear Andy

    This time give us a harder question, please.

    Your friend Brandon

  21. Hi Brandon! Here's a problem from Ian Stewart's book "Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures" - I will work on another problem like the ice cream one and try to post it in the next few days!

    Euclid's Puzzle

    Legend has it that the great geometer Euclid composed a puzzle which went as follows.

    A mule and a donkey were stumbling along the road, each carrying several identical heavy sacks. The donkey started complaining, making a horrible groaning noise, and eventually the mule got fed up.

    "What are *you* complaining for? If you gave me one sack, I'd have twice as many as you! And if I gave you one sack, we'd be carrying the same load!"

    How many sacks were the donkey and the mule carrying?

    Have fun!


  22. hi! i miss being in Div.2

    from Ebony


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