Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainbow Artwork

In Art class, we have been learning about the different colours of the rainbow. In this art project, we took the colours of the rainbow and used them to add interesting details to printed letters.

We drew bubble letters spelling out a name that is special to us. Some of us used our own names, others used the name of a pet, a parent, or a sibling. Then, we added lots of intricate details to our bubble letters. Finally, we coloured in all of our details with the colours of the rainbow - making our names stand out!

We decided to call our finished projects Name-Bows! Like it?

[ Click on a photo to make it larger]


This video helped us remember the colours of the rainbow. (And, it's really funny!) Division 2 definitely thinks you should watch it!

Leave us a comment: 

What was the hardest part of creating your project? 

What is your favourite colour? Is it one of the colours in the rainbow? 


  1. dear div 2,

    I saw the name-bows. They look cool and they turned out great.I wonder if any one had fun colouring them?

    from Brooke-lynne

  2. @ Miss OC

    I like every colour - all of them are my favourite!

    Where did you get the coloured pencil crayons? And I really like your Name-bow.

    From Ebony

  3. @ Miss OC

    I like the Royg.biv song.

    from Brandon


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