Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drumming Lessons

Every Friday, Harvey Dunstan joins us in the afternoons to teach us about drumming. One important thing that we have learned from Harvey is that if you play your drum louder than the leader of the song, you take over the song and people will follow your lead. Harvey has been showing us how to drum a St'at'imc Welcome Song, and we're getting really good at it! 

Click on the image above to watch a video clip of 
Division 2 and Harvey playing the Welcome Song

Last Friday Harvey taught us THREE new songs! He taught us a Four Directions drumming song, and told us about how people from different areas perform the song in different ways. In Harvey's drumming group, they point to each of the 4 directions while they drum. Sometimes people drum the song standing and facing each of the 4 directions. 

Harvey also showed us how to play the Women's Warrior song. He told us that it is important not to sing or play your drum louder than the women drumming when you play this song!


Harvey also taught us a drumming song that he made up with the LES students that have been joining him for drumming circle at lunch hour. They named this song the Laughing Song, and you can see why! 

Click on the image above to watch a video clip of 
Division 2 and Harvey playing the Laughing Song

Leave us a comment: 
Now that you have learned more about drumming, will you try drumming at a drum circle? 
Which drumming song is your favourite?
What do you like the best about learning how to play an instrument? 


  1. It's so awesome to come into division 2 and teach hand drumming.
    All my relations Harvey Dunstan

    1. Dear Harvey,

      Division 2 always looks forward to your visits. We love learning new songs and listening to your stories about drum circles. We are very excited to share all the new songs you taught us with our Elders at Elder's Tea at the end of the month!

      Thank-you for teaching us how to hand drum!

      Your friends,

      Miss. OC and Division 2

  2. I just showed the pictures and video's to my co-workers they loved the laughing song.

    All my relations Harvey Dunstan

  3. To Miss.OC,

    My favourtie songs were the laughing song and the welcome song.

    From Preston


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