Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Literacy Day

January 27th is Family Literacy Day. Division 2 celebrated with a day of storytelling!

First, we took a walk downtown to attend a book-reading. Cree Author, Beth Cuthand, read us a story called "The Little Duck". Her book is written in English and Cree, her family's language.

In her story, little duck sees the people preparing for a pow-wow. He decides to join them, so he dresses up in his own regalia. But, when he gets to the pow-wow, he can't communicate with the people there because he can't speak the human languages.

After Beth read her picture book to us, she told us another story. She hasn't made this one into a book yet! In the story, a little girl finds a woodpecker outside her house in the early morning. Her older sister wakes up from the woodpecker's noise, too, and goes outside to see the her little sister trying to crawl after the woodpecker. Then, their dad wakes up, too! He is not happy about being awake so early, and he rushes outside with his shotgun to scare away the woodpecker. But, dad is in too much of a hurry and he falls down "whomp!" on his bum! The girls (and the woodpecker!) get a good laugh! 

In the afternoon, we did some storytelling in our classroom. Some families came to join us and share their favourite stories with our class. We had a fantastic time!

Ebony and her mom, Serena, read us Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch. Smelly Socks is about a little girl who refuses to wash her socks. Ebony did an excellent job of reading and her story was hilarious!

Rain and her mom, Jocelyn, read us a book called Caramba, by Marie-Louise Gay. Caramba is a cat who can't fly! It had an exciting ending, because Caramba discovered that he could do something else better than the other cats.

Then, Preston read us The Three Little Pigs with the help of his little brother, David. Preston did a great job of reading this classic picture book about three little pigs trying to get away from a wolf. The pictures in Preston's copy of the book were really neat, too!

Miss. OC shared a story that her mom and dad used to read to her at bedtime. Because she had a sore throat, she showed a video of Robert Munsch reading his story, Love You Forever. The story Love You Forever is about a mom who watches her little boy grow up. Even though he sometimes drives her crazy - like when he flushes her watch down the toilet! - she still loves him forever. At the end of the story, the boy is all grown up, and has a little girl of his own to love!

Riannon's mom, Holly, told us some stories, too! She read us a book called Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest, by Gerald McDermott. Holly told us that Riannon's dad was from the Pacific Northwest, so this story was one of many special stories from her ancestors. In the story, the whole world is dark and Raven is the one who discovers the light. He uses a trick to get into the sky chief's house, and then he finds the light trapped in a box.

After sharing a picture book with us, Holly told us another one of Riannon's favourite stories. This N'lkapamuk story was about Coyote, another famous trickster. In the story, Coyote is walking by the river near Lytton, and he is all alone. He starts to sing a song to himself. He wishes he had a friend, but there is no one around for him to play with. Coyote finally gets his wish ... but, it's not what we expected! A girl Coyote is watching him from across the river! At the end, we all sang Coyote's song together. We had so much fun listening to Holly's storytelling!

Thank-you to all the families who joined us for storytelling today. We loved sharing books and stories with you!

Leave us a comment: 

You heard a lot of different stories today! Which story did you like the best, and why? 

Do you have a favourite book that you like to read before bed? 


  1. Dear.Miss.OC.
    I am going to be in simpson February 5.In simpson i am going to get to see my cusins there.And might go swiming there in there pool.I miss you do you miss me?In spring at simpson is beautiful like the dirt is wet,the flowers are beautiful,fresh cold air,realy warm there.
    your student Riannon.

    1. Hi Riannon!

      Of course we miss you! I'm a bit jealous that you might get to swim in a pool. I love swimming, it is my favourite activity. Say "Hi!" to your cousins for me! What other adventures will you get up to on your trip? We can't wait to hear all about them.

      It is looking more like spring here, too! Mrs. O'Connor told me that the tulips in her garden are poking out of the dirt. In February! So early! We have been adding lots of sunny and partly cloudy days to our weather chart. No snow or rain yet this month!

      We are wondering if you are going to be back in time for Valentine's Day and 100's Day on the 14th of February. Miss you, and see you soon!

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC

    2. Hi Div.2
      I alredy got to go swiming yesterday.I am going to my cusin Amys after she gets out of school.I hope so to i could make it for hundreds day and valintines day.Do you want to know my cusins up here in simpson?There names start with Am ,Ca ,Co ,Le ,Cal ,
      first name has one more leter.Second has four more leters.Third one has three more leters.fourth has four more leters.fifth one has two more leters.
      from your friend Riannon

    3. @Riannon,

      I know that your first cousin's name is Amy (because you left a BIG hint earlier in your message!). I guess that your fifth cousin's name is Caleb. I'm not sure about the ones in the middle! I will have to get help from Division 2 to figure it out!

      Miss. OC

  2. To Miss.OC.

    It was fun on family literce day. Are you going to be teacher next year and going to do the same thing that you did this year?

    From Trinity.

    1. Dear Trinity,

      I hope that the library puts on another special event next year for Family Literacy Day. It was so much fun to see Beth read her book.

      I loved the stories we told in our classroom that afternoon even more! Who knew we had so many talented storytellers in our classroom?! :D (I had a hunch!) I would definitely invite people to our class to tell stories again, it was such a great time!

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC

  3. Dear Division 2,

    Did you have fun? Did you really have fun?

    from Christopher


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