Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Division 2 is learning how to play a new instrument! We tried our hands at the Glockenspiels earlier this year, and now we are learning about drums.

Harvey Dunstan is teaching us about drumming.
 Harvey Dunstan, a local drummer, is teaching us about how to drum. Today we learned how to warm up our drums and how to hold our drums.

Harvey is teaching us how to play a song on our drums. We practiced all hitting our drums at the same time. It sounds really powerful when we all end on the same beat!

Thank-you, Harvey!

Leave us a comment: 

Have you ever played a drum at a drum circle or a pow-wow before? 

Do you have a drum of your own at home? 

What other instruments do you know how to play? 


  1. To Miss.OC,

    I had lots of fun drumming! I wonder how many people Harvey's taught?

    from Cole.

  2. Dear Miss.OC.

    It was fun to drum yesterday.

    Do you like to drum and do you like the pictures on the drums?

    From Fuzzy.

    1. @Fuzzy,

      I love it when Harvey comes and we get to practice our drumming. I love playing musical instruments. My favourite part of drumming is learning about drum circles and learning new songs to sing and play. I love singing along.

      The paintings on the drums are all beautiful. I wonder what kind of paint you would use to paint on drum skin? If I could paint my own design on a drum, I think it would be a rain cloud because the sound of our drums reminds me of thunder in a powerful rain storm.

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC

  3. Dear Div 2,

    That was the first time I've drummed. And it was fun.



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