Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Art Napoleon

First thing on Monday morning we took the bus up to the highschool to see a special performance called Art Napoleon. We were in for a treat!

Art writes songs that combine his Cree language with popular music.
Art and Marty played the guitar, base, drum, and harmonica.
Art and Marty played many different kinds of music for us. They sang us a folk song, a country tune, a rock and roll song, a reggae jam, and more! Art told us about different famous singers who influenced him as a musician. Art put a Cree-twist on every song, writing lyrics of his own in the style of popular songs. What a great way to learn about the Cree language!

Art and Marty invited students to play percussion instruments like the tambourine.
Division 2 got invited up to dance ... check out those moves!
 Art and Marty really encouraged us to help out during their performance! They invited students up to play percussion instruments and dance. Division 2 got invited up to dance ... but most of us were too shy to show off our awesome dance moves. Not Miss. OC, though!

Do you recognize this punk rocker?
Soon, there were lots of willing volunteers!
We can keep a beat!
Check out this video clip of Art and Marty's performance! The song they're singing is a old rock and roll hit - can you recognize it?

At the end of Art and Marty's performance, they invited everyone up to start a circle dance. It was a lot of fun sharing the dance floor with younger students, highschool students, and teachers! Alexis from Division 2 took some excellent photos of our circle dance. Even the ones that turned out blurry look really neat! Thank-you for your excellent photography, Alexis!

We did a circle dance to Art and Marty's last song. 

What a great looking audience! 

Leave us a comment: 

What did you enjoy about Art and Marty's performance? 

What did you learn about the Cree language from Art? 

What is your favourite kind of music?


  1. To Miss. OC

    It was fun dancing. Do you know the 2 high school girls I was dancing with?

    from Trinity.

  2. Hi div2,

    Do you know who the two boys who sat beside Troy in high school are?

    love jaylee

  3. @ Miss.OC

    Wasn't the show at the high school cool? My favourite part was dancing in the circle. I was holding hands with Ebony and Lennyia!


  4. To Miss.OC

    The dancing at Kumsheen was fun!

    My favourite kind of music is everything Mario. Like do-do-do-do-do-do DO!



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