Friday, June 22, 2012

Take a Trip Across Canada With Us!

Division 2 has been learning about the provinces of Canada in Social Studies. We each chose a province that we wanted to learn more about, and then we did some research! We searched the internet and read many books about our province, looking for new and interesting facts to share. Researching provinces was exciting because each of us was learning about something different and we got to choose what we wanted to learn about!

We used Little Bird Tales to show what we know about our provinces. Little Bird Tales allows us to record our voices along with our story, and we learned a lot about how to speak clearly and loudly so that our words can be understood. We also learned about how to search for images online and save them to our computers. Everyone worked really hard to learn how to use this new program on our laptops!

We have created some very cool tales for you! Check out all that we learned about the provinces of Canada:

New Brunswick - Alexis

Saskatchewan - Brandon

Quebec - Brooke-Lynne

British Columbia - Christopher

Saskatchewan - Iven

Prince Edward Island - James

Quebec - Jaylee

Nova Scotia - Jevan

Yukon Territory - Jillie-Anne

Alberta - Preston

Ontario - Rain

Leave us a comment: 

What did you learn from watching your classmate's videos about the different provinces of Canada?

Which provinces have you visited? Which ones have you lived in?

What is your favourite province, and why? 


  1. Congratulations Division 2 on a great year of blogging. I was very impressed to hear your reading on the computer. You are all growing up so fast. Have a wonderful summer.
    Miss Veenstra

    1. @ missoc
      Hi I miss you guess what Mr.Lewis gave us homework!!!

      well goodbye love Rain


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