Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jevan's Post about The Humming Birds and The Peafowl

Back in November, Jevan was the winner of our Family Blogging Month challenge. Jevan and his family commented on our blog 29 times in the month of November! Wow! This is Jevan's post about some special creatures that live with him on his ranch.


At my Ranch there are lots of Humming birds.Usually right before night they come out to eat.They are attracted to red things like my humming bird feeders. They drink water with sugar in it. Can you count how many humming birds are in the video?

My mom and I made this video about the Hummingbirds that visit our house. You can also see our peafowl.

At my Ranch I have 4 peafowl: 3 peacocks and 1 peahen.The boys are Stewart, Russel, and Sam.The Girl is Queenie. Can you tell which one is Queenie? She looks different from the  boy peacocks because she doesn't have the big fancy feathers. Right now I have 2 peafowl eggs in our in incubator that we are trying to hatch. The incubator helps the eggs keep warm so they will hatch.

Can you spot Queenie, the peahen? 

Leave Jevan a comment:

Do you have Humming birds at your house?

How many humming birds have you seen at your house?

Do you have any peafowl at your house? How many?

What other animals do you have at your house? 


  1. Well done Jevan, I wish I had peacock's at my house.

  2. Dear Jevan: I have been to your house, and seen your animals. You have a lot of really interesting animals there including these birds and others. Do you remember when I came to your house and you had "Red" the Robin? I was very nervous about him living there and you and Sydney tried to help me make friends with him.
    I like your blogging story - keep up the good work.
    Love Aunty Lou

    1. Thank you Aunty Lou

      I really miss Red. But I have a bird named Einstein now.

    2. now he is gone Aunty lou.


  3. Wow Jevan, you must go throught a lot of water and sugar. Stewart is a very beautiful peafowl, it must be neat to watch all of them together.

  4. Since I saw your Mom\s pictures with all the Humminh birds I have hung up four feeders on my sun deck. However the Humming birds have only found them once that I know of. You are very lucky to live on a ranch where you see so much wild life. Good luck with the blog.

  5. Dear Jevan

    I have 1 cat and 1 dog. The cats name is Moly. And the dogs name is Jake.

    From Preston

  6. Jevan,

    Your hummingbirds look nice and your peacocks are cool. I have seen eight hummingbirds at my house this year. We have a red feeder outside for them.


  7. Dear Jevan,

    Do you like humming birds? They are my favourite animal.I have seen hummingbirds at my house in the spring.

    From Fuzzy.

    1. yes I do like humming birds Fuzzy.

  8. Dear Jevan,

    I guess that you have 20 humming birds.I have humming birds at my house and 5 horses. We get to ride them.

    From Cole.

  9. Katelynn + EbonyJune 4, 2012 at 2:09 PM


    Why did you call the peahen Queenie? That's a great name!
    Where did you get the peacocks from?

    We saw 21 hummingbirds on the video. We have animals at home. Katelynn has two cats: Tigger and Scootie. Ebony used to have two cats named Cuddles and Bubbles and she used to have a dog named Princess.


    Katelynn and Ebony

  10. @ Jevan

    I had a dog named Bolt before I went to Prince Rupurt but when I got back from P.R Bolt was GONE. My mom and dad and me were looking for Bolt. One day we heard Bolt barking but we could not see him. And so then Bolt is still missing in Terrace.

    I have seen 39 humming birds at my house here in Lytton.

    From your friend Riannon

  11. Dear Jevan,

    I have a dog named Mater. Do you have a dog? What is your dog's name?

    I guessed that there are 22 hummingbirds in your video.

    How many feathers are on a peacock tail? Do you collect the feathers?

    From, Alexis

  12. Dear Jevan, the peafowls are cool. I like them a lot.
    From, James

  13. Dear Jevan,

    How did your mom catch the hummingbird that she was holding in her hand?

    From Jaylee

  14. @Jevan,

    I like your video. What other animals do you have?

    From Rain

  15. Dear Jevan,
    I have 13 cats and 9 kittens. Some of the kittens are playful and 2 of the older cats are playful.

    from Brooke-lynne

  16. @ Jevan
    Is there 21 humming birds?

    from Riannon

  17. Dear Jevan

    The peafowl at your house must be pertty cool.

    from Brandon

  18. Dear Div2

    I am so sorry that I have Replyed to everyone who have been writing comment's because I got an iphone and I have been on youtube on my computer



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