Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letters from Qatar!

This week we got some very special mail all the way from Qatar! Qatar is a very small country in the Middle East, in the Gulf of Persia.

Miss.OC's friend Valerie teaches at the HUBS International School in Doha Qatar, and her class of Grade 2 students sent us a package. They sent us postcards with letters all about themselves. They also sent us some cool photos of Qatar and drawings. We were very excited!

We want to send a BIG thank-you to our friends in Qatar! We recorded this video message for them; check it out:

 Thank-you for your letters, friends. Our letters are on the way to you!

Leave us a comment: 

What did you like the best about getting mail from Qatar? 

What do you think about our video? 

What questions do you have for our new friends in Qatar?


  1. Miss. Valerie says her Grade 2 students are on a long weekend until the 19th. They will watch our video when they get back from their break. She is excited to show it to them!

    ~Miss. OC~

  2. I like the girl in the gold dress , she seems to be very nice. Do you ride camels alot instead of horses because of the heat over there?


  3. I'm glad that our div 2 is meeting new friends around their age . Fuzzy just told me about your friends in Qatar it's good to meet new people and land through your blogspot.

    MOM (JILL)

  4. I like the video Miss.OC


  5. Very good job Division 2! I bet you saw some interesting things. :)

  6. @ Miss OC

    The best part about Christmas is opening presents.
    Because opening presents is fun.

    your students Ebony and Alexis


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