Friday, September 30, 2011

Remembering Terry Fox

Terry Fox was grew up in British Columbia, Canada, playing basketball and other sports. He loved being active. When Terry was 18 he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg.

After being treated for his cancer in the hospital, Terry had to learn how to walk, play sports, and run on his new artificial leg. Terry remembered the other young kids he met in the hospital. They had cancer, too, and some of them were even younger than he was.

Terry decided he wanted to do something to help other young people with cancer. He had a big dream: to run all the way across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Nobody thought he could do it.

Terry Fox ran over 5000 kilometers trying to help young people in Canada. He raised over 2 million dollars on his own, and soon everyone knew who he was. In Thunder Bay, Ontario, Terry finally had to stop because he was too sick to run any further. Canadians were so moved by Terry's run, which he nicknamed his "Marathon of Hope", that they donated over 10 million more to the cancer foundation.

Since Terry has died, people across Canada have come together every year to run in Terry's name. Across the country, Canadians have raised over 25 million dollars, making Terry's dream of getting a dollar from every Canadian come true!


This afternoon, our whole school participated in our very own Terry Fox Run. We ran around town and kept track of how many laps we made. Then, we came back to the school for a snack before heading home.

Running so fast you can hardly see us!

Challenges were made! Could you do more laps than Miss OC?

Even though there was rain, we still had happy, helpful parent volunteers! Thanks everyone!

We got refreshments after our run. Looking good, Division 2!


That was great!

How many laps did you do?

Leave us a comment:

How many laps did you run in our Terry Fox run?

What do you know about Terry Fox?

Can you think of another hero?


  1. It looks like Division 2 had lots of fun! Great job! :)

  2. @Kansas,

    We sure did! We tried to run as many laps as we could around town, in only an hour. One of us made it around 8 times!!!

    Miss. OC


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