Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blogging Buddies

Division 2 is excited to make some new blogging friends this week!

We are going to be a part of a project called Quad Blogging where we get to connect with 3 other student blogs from around the world. Every week, a different blog from our Quad will be the center of attention. All the other blogs in our Quad will visit to read posts, learn, and leave comments. One of the very cool things we will get to do during Quad blogging is learn about different countries in the world.

And ... this week is our week to share! That means we will be welcoming some special visitors from France and the UK.


Leave us a comment:

What would you like to learn about France or the UK this year? 

For our Quad blogging friends, what are you hoping to learn about Canada? 


  1. Hello to all our new Quad Blogging friends.
    Year 3 at Leftwich Primary have some questions!

    What's your town like?
    Do you have play equipment outside?
    How big is your classroom?

    We are very pleased to meet you, we are reading the BFG too!

    Mrs Cotton and Year 3

  2. @Year 3 at Leftwich Primary,

    What chapter are you on in the BFG?

    From Brooke-lynne

  3. We are very pleased to meet you, too! We have a big classroom.

    Your friends,


  4. Dear Mrs. Cotton and the year 3s,

    We do have equipment it's FUN.

    From Cole

  5. Dear year3Leftwich,

    We have equipment outside.

    Do you have a field?

    Your friend Preston


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