Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reading along with the WORLD!

Today we started a reading a book with other students around the world! Our class is taking part in a project called the Global Read Aloud Project. Along with thousands of students in classes around the globe, our class will be reading aloud from the book Flat Stanley every week for the next month.

While we read, we will be making connections, asking questions, and predicting what will happen next. We will even be doing some writing and drawing about Flat Stanley's adventures. The best part of the project is that we get to share our thinking and our written creations with other kids all around the world. Miss. Petschl's Division 1 class will be taking part in the Global Read Aloud, too. We can't wait to share our experiences with the Kindergartens and Grade 1's! 

We are excited to connect with students from around the world! 

Leave a comment:

What are some ways that you connect with people who live far away from you?

Why do you think connecting with students from other countries will be fun? 


  1. Bonjour Miss. OC and the students of Division 2! Greetings from France! My son Felix and I are reading Flat Stanley too. Felix is in CP which is the same as first grade. We answered your questions together:

    What are some ways we connect with people who live far away?

    Felix: I visit my grandmother on an airplane. We talk to her on the computer too. Sometimes I send postcards or drawings in the mail.

    Why do you think connecting with students from other countries will be fun?

    Felix: I think it will be fun to read the same book and we have the same age.

    We can't wait to read more on your blog!

    A bientôt!

    Sarah and Felix

  2. Dear Sarah and Felix,

    Why do you like going on the airplane?

    your friend Brandon.

  3. One way I can connect is on the phone.

    from jaylee


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