Monday, November 14, 2011


This past weekend in Canada we recognised veterans at Remembrance Day ceremonies. Remembrance Day is observed on November 11th because it was on November 11th, 1918 that soldiers agreed to put down their guns and stop fighting at the end of World War I.

Canadians have fought in wars around the world. One Canadian soldier who we pause to remember on Remembrance Day is Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. He was a doctor during World War I, and he wrote the poem, "In Flanders Fields" about his experience watching soldiers fight and die during the war. In his poem, John McCrae talks about the poppies that grew in the fields where the soldiers fought and were buried. On Remembrance Day, Canadians wear poppies to show that they are remembering the soldiers who lost their lives in war.

Division 2 has been talking about war and how it affects people. During Art class this week we created Word Clouds to show what we think about war and peace.

"A Thunder Cloud of War" by Jevan
"Give me a Bolt" by Katelynn
"This is Dangerous" by Riannon
"Just give me a Thunder of War" by Ebony
"The War for Freedom" by Brooke-Lynne

"Hunter" by Cole

"A Sad Night" by Rain

"Fast and Light" by Brandon

"The Helicopter Bomber" by Preston
"Music of Love" by Jaylee
"Just give me a Sign" by Fuzzy

"Peace of Love" by Alexis
"These are bad words" by Trinity


  1. Great art work! Jevan's great-grandad (our mom's grampa) was in the war as well.

  2. Dear div2

    They were all great pictures div2.

    from Preston

  3. @Miss'OC

    I like ALL the art work


  4. @Jevan and Preston,

    I agree, your artwork turned out great! I especially liked that everyone gave their artwork a strong title.

    Your teacher,

    Miss. OC

  5. Very beautiful artwork on such a sad subject Div 2.

  6. dear dv2
    I really love every one none are bad

    from brooke-lynne

  7. Dear div2

    I liked everyone pictures they were awesome.

    From Preston

  8. i enjoyed making my bolt for remembrance day


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