Friday, November 18, 2011


This afternoon, we had the opportunity to see the Kikeyambay dance group perform a play at the High School. They traveled all the way from Victoria, BC to see us, and they brought drums, costumes and talented musicians  from even further away - West Africa!

First, they told us a story about an African king who had played music for the animals on a special instrument. We really enjoyed the music and the costumes were fantastic!

They were amazing dancers, too!

After the story, the dancers changed into new costumes and drummed along with the band. The drumming was very fast - it must have taken years of practice for the musicians to learn.

At the end of the performance, Kikeyambay  invited students and teachers up to the front to join them! Some students learned how to drum, play shakers along to the beat, and even dance. Some brave, brave teachers learned how to dance, too! (Thank-you to Brandon for taking photos of our dancing lessons!) 

Leave us a comment: 

What was your favourite part of today's performance? 

What did you learn about drumming, dancing, or Africa from Kikeyambay?

Have you ever taken dancing lessons? Have you ever taken drumming lessons?  


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I never took drumming lessons when I was younger but I did try to learn the clarinet.

  2. Dear Miss OC

    It was fun watching the dancers.

    Your student Brandon.

  3. Dear Division 2

    What was your favorite part in the dance?

    Your friend Brandon

  4. I never had drum lessons I only had piano lessons.

    From Ebony

  5. i really liked the performance


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