Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's that time of year ...

What's that I see outside our classroom window?

It's snow!

Leave us a comment:

Is it snowing where you live? 
What do you like to do in the snow?

What is your favourite season, and why?


  1. Dear Div. 2,

    My favourite thing to do in the snow is go skating. When it is cold enough to snow, it is cold enough to make an ice rink outside! When I was a kid, I used to go to the ice rink after school and play hockey with my friends. We would stay at the ice rink until it got dark, and we could see the falling snow sparkle like diamonds in the street lights.

    Enjoy all that snow!

    Your teacher,
    Miss. OC

  2. Dear div2

    it's snowing at my house

    from Preston

  3. Me and my dad and my mom and Roy love snow.

    From Ebony

  4. Dear Ebony,

    I love the snow, too! What is your favourite thing to do in the snow?

    Your teacher,

    Miss. OC

  5. @ Miss OC
    I like playing wheth Rain in the snow.

    From Ebony and Rain.

  6. Dear Div2

    My favorite thing to do in the snow is sledging.

    from Preston

  7. Jevan's dad loves winter but me (his mom) loves summer! Have any of you built a snowman yet?

  8. Hi Division 2

    My favorite thing to do in the snow is have a snow ball fight with my mom and dad sometimes my mom joins in so does my sister Sophie.Me and my dad usually haf snow ball fights.

    Your best friend Brandon

  9. Dear Div2,

    there is no snow at my house.

    From Preston

  10. @ Miss.OC
    I use to in live in Terrce but now I live here.
    In Terrce the weather like omg the snow was so high some one came to the school to shuffle the snow in to a mountine. The mountine was GIANT.It was awesome for going sleding.Bolt was so happy that he was jumping with joy that he got stuck in the snow in Terrce.
    I am still sick though.
    from your friend Riannon


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