Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Division 2! We had an excellent time at school on Halloween day. We dressed up in our costumes, hunted for hidden skeletons around our classroom, danced until our feet were sore, and created some Math Art with the pumpkin seeds we harvested.

Leave us a comment:

How did you spend your Halloween? 

What is your favourite part about Halloween? 

What were you dressed up as this Halloween?


  1. Dear Division 2,

    What a GREAT Halloween class picture! It's so nice to see all the costumes.

    Brandon's mom:)

  2. @Brandon's Mom,

    Thanks! We were the only class at school to have every student wearing a costume. We were so proud! :)

    Miss. OC

  3. Great job Division 2, everyone was dressed up! I hope you all had fun on Halloween and don't forget to brush your teeth after eating your candy.

  4. awesome Picture you all look great:)

  5. dear div2

    I dress up as a clown for Halloween

    from Preston

  6. dear div2

    I spent trick or treating

    from Preston

  7. Halloween is so much fun! Jevan and all his class mates looked great in their costumes. I didn't dress up myself, but I made a homemade costume for my daughter (Jevan's niece), she was a lady bug.
    Jevan's Sister.

  8. Dear Miss.OC
    I liked your costume

    You lookd cool

    Your firnd Alexis

  9. @Alexis,

    Thank-you, Alexis! My costume took a long time to make, and I am glad that so many of you knew who I was dressed up as. :)

    Your vampire costume was very scary. I especially liked your fangs!

    Your teacher,

    Miss. OC

  10. hello Div. 2

    Awesome halloween costumes! 100% of the students were in their costumes! Great work! On halloween eve....I went for a walk, no-one came to my house to trick or treat...:( I stopped at Ms. O'C's and trick and treated and visited Albert. cooked dinner then I went to badminton! Guess who I am? Sadly I did not dress up on halloween....


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