Friday, March 16, 2012

Mixing Tones

In Art last week, we learned how to mix tones of a colour by adding drops of a colour to white paint. When you mix one drop of coloured paint with white paint, you get a very pale tone. When you add a lot of drops of colour to white paint, you get a darker tone.

Jevan's many tones of yellow

We chose our favourite colours and created 5 tones by mixing paint. Then, we used our tones to create art that featured just one colour. It was a fun experiment to see how much detail and interest we could create in a painting with only one colour.

Riannon's purple tones
Katelynn's blue tones
Brooke-Lynne's tones of red
Christopher's tones of blue
Jaylee's purple tones
Preston's tones of yellow
Ebony's purple tones

Alexis and Trinity experimented with making shades of grey. They started with white paint and added drops of black paint. The less black paint they added, the lighter the shade of grey. Alexis' painting really shows off the changes in shades! She created a graduated colour pattern by painting stripes of grey that show a gradual change from dark, to medium, to light.

Alexis' shades of grey
Leave us a comment: 

If you could only see tones of one colour, what colour would you want your world to be? 

Pink is a lighter tone of red. Can you think of any other tones that have their own colour names? 


  1. Dear Div.2

    I like all your designs you made.

    From Brandon

    1. Thank you Brandon yours was awesome! Not to mention Preston's work. I like helicopters, Preston.

      from Jevan

    2. @ Jevan

      You' re welcome, Jevan. Plus your's and Preston's look really cool. And I like Riannan's cat. Do you like Rianann's cat?

      From Brandon

  2. Wow all the paintings look great!

  3. Dear div2

    I with the world was orange like the sun.

    From Preston


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