Friday, March 16, 2012

Building with Shapes

This week we have been learning about shapes in Math class. We have learned about how to recognise different shapes around our classroom and the different attributes of shapes, like sides and vertices. We use pattern blocks to practice sorting shapes and recognising differences and similarities in shapes.

Christopher used our pattern blocks to build a giant shape! The blue pattern blocks in our set are parallelograms. Christopher made a giant parallelogram using different pattern blocks as tiles. When you tile a surface, you use blocks or flat tiles to cover the whole surface with no spaces or overlaps.

Leave Christopher a comment: 

What shapes can you see inside Christopher's parallelogram? 

What other shapes would you like to see Christopher create with tiles? 


  1. Dear Christopher,

    I really like your thing that you made. Cool. What is it?

    Your friend Brandon

    1. hi christopher i like the designs could u tell me the steps please from lalithya

  2. Dear Christopher

    I see diamonds, trapizoids, trinangles and rombus's.

    Your friend Brandon


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