Saturday, March 31, 2012

Elder's Tea

Last week, on March 27th, Division 2 hosted our Elders and community members for our school's monthly Elder's Tea. Our class worked hard to prepare for Elder's tea, learning how to play the drum and learning the rhythm and words of many new drumming songs. When our Elders arrived, we played them a Welcome song.

Click on the video above to hear a complete recording of our Welcome song.  

After our Welcome, we showed our Elders the other songs we learned to play with Harvey.  Even though they were a bit nervous to play for an audience for the first time, Division 2 did an excellent job of drumming and singing with confidence. Some brave volunteers sang the Laughing song for our guests, and we even got some parents up to play with us!

The Laughing song was a big hit!
After drumming, we shared snacks with our guests and showed them around our classroom. There were so many smiling faces at our Elder's Tea this month.

Baby sisters get in on the drumming.
Riannon's own drum.
Lots of hugs to go around.
Check out those smiles!
There was lots of love for the little ones! 
We had a great turn out.
Three generations of ladies!
Families had a chance to check out some of our awesome art work. 
What a fantastic afternoon!

Leave us a comment: 

Which of your family members and Elders came to our Elder's tea? 

What was it like to perform in front of an audience? 

What was your favourite part of the Elder's tea? 


  1. Elders tea was so much fun.
    I loved the tea, it was delicious.


  2. To Miss.OC

    I wish I was at Elder's tea because it looks fun.

    From Trinity

  3. dear div2
    I had a lot of fun drumming my most favourite song was the welcome song.Did you like the welcome song?

    from Brooke-lynne

    1. Dear Brooke-Lynne,

      I really like the Welcome song, too! Singing it for our Elders was a really special moment.

      I think there's a tie for my favourite song to sing and play: I love to sing the Women's Warrior song, and playing the Four Directions song is really fun because you have to remember where to point your stick for each verse.

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC

  4. @ Trinty
    Never mind about that qustion I asked you okay. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Trinty how was your visit at Vancover? A lot of kids missed you Trinty.

    From Riannon

  5. Everyone looks like they had lots of fun, and I loved your drumming skills. :)

  6. I am so pleased that I made it back to Lytton as I was in school myself in Merritt. I am so proud of Division 2 everyone did a awesome drumming. I am so proud and honored and had so much fun coming in to teach drumming. All my relations Harvey Dunstan

    1. Dear Harvey,

      Division 2 was very excited that you were able to attend our Elder's Tea. Learning to drum was one of the highlights of our year, and you were such a knowledgeable and patient teacher! Thank-you for teaching us about hand-drumming and for giving us the confidence to drum for our Elders.

      Because you taught us how to drum, we were able to share our drumming talents by leading the Walk to End Violence Against Women in Lytton recently. We drummed and sang all the way down the hill from the highschool and performed the Women's Warrior Song at the Memorial Hall. It made us feel really special to be able to drum for a community event. Thanks to your teaching, we were able to do that!

      All my relations,
      Your friends in Division 2
      and Miss. OC

  7. @ Miss.OC why didint you post the picture of me and my grama and mom?

    1. @Rain, I'm not sure if there is a picture of your mom and grandma on the school camera. I will check for you! :)

      Miss. OC

  8. I liked it because it was the best!


  9. Sounds like everyone had a pretty awesome day.
    Lots of wonderful smiles and great drumming.
    I'm Jevans Aunty Bif.
    Hi Jevan; you sure look like your having a lot of fun. Your school blog is really nice.
    Hugs, Aunty Bif xo

  10. Dear div 2.
    Was it fun to drum ?
    It was fun for me.

    From Fuzzy.


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