Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You are my Sunshine

This week in Science we are learning all about the Sun! What makes the sun shine? Why is the Sun so hot? What would it be like on Earth without the Sun? How big is the Sun?

Watch this very informative (and very funny) music video to learn all about the star we depend on: our Sun!

Leave us a comment: 

What is one new thing you learned about the Sun this week? 

What are you still wondering about the Sun? 

Can you think of anything you wouldn't be able to do if there was no more Sun? 


  1. To Miss.OC

    The new song you showd us is asowme

    From Trinity

  2. Dear Div 2,

    If there was no more sun, we wouldn't be able to survive. We would die! We wouldn't have any food because plants would die without the sun. Without trees, we would run out of oxygen! We wouldn't be able to see anything without the sun because it would be really really dark. It would also be really cold without the sun. If it snowed, the snow would never melt!

    We have a question for you - Do you know how hot the sun is?

    Your friends,

    Rain, Jevan, Brandon, Brooke-Lynn, Alexis, Christopher, Jaylee, and Trinity

  3. dear div2
    This video was cool I like it

    from Brooke-lynne

  4. Dear div. 2,

    Do you now how big the sun is?
    Do you now how many earths could fit in the sun?
    Do you now how hot the sun is?

    I like your comment.

    Your Friend, Fuzzy

    1. @ Fuzzy,

      Brandon answered your question about the sun's temperature below.

      Does anyone remember how many Earths could fit into the sun?

      Miss. OC

  5. Dear Miss.OC

    I am going to write about the opposite of the sun: the moon. I know that when two people fall in love under the moon that there love will never break. I mean like you never break up. At night time when the moon is out that means werewolves and witches come to earth.I think its just made up story. We saw it on a short movie that we watched on the smart board.

    From your friend kitty. (Its from Riannon.)

    1. @Riannon,

      Wow! You remembered a lot of interesting stories from the Space video we watched. One interesting fact that I remember about the moon is that it's day is as long as it's year - that's why we only ever see one side of the moon. The other side of the moon, the side that we can never see from Earth, is called the dark side of the moon.

      Miss. OC

  6. Dear Miss OC

    The sun is 7000 degrees.Do you know how BIG it is?

    Your friend Brandon.

    1. Dear Brandon,

      You're right, the sun is very hot. On the surface it can be 7000 degrees - and it's even hotter in the core!

      The sun is also very large. There are a lot of big planets in our solar system - like Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune - but the sun is larger than all of them put together.

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC

  7. To Miss.OC

    Here are some things I know about the sun:
    The sun is far a way from the planet.
    The sun can shine on our planet in 8 seconds.
    I like learning about the sun!

    From Cole


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