Friday, September 30, 2011

Take a look!

This week our friends at Leftwich Primary asked us some questions about our town and our school. We decided the best way to answer your questions was with photos! Here are some photos we took of where we live, play, and go to school.

We live in the Fraser Valley along the great Fraser river.

Our town has railroad tracks running on both sides of it. There is even an old caboose downtown!

Our playground is a lot of fun!

We have lots of equipment to climb and play on.

... and we have a big field to run around in! Can you tell what word we're trying to spell?

We are lucky because our classroom is really big.

There is a lot of space in our classroom for reading, playing, and learning.
We hope you liked our picture tour! We had fun walking around town taking photos for you.

Leave us a comment:

What is your favourite part of your town?

What do you like about your classroom, and why?


  1. Hello Division 2!

    We are finally visiting your blog! We love your photos and are very impressed with the size of your classroom.

    Sarah: My favorite part of town is the school.
    Dina: My favorite part of town is the Parc de Sceaux.

    Clemence: I like the board in the classroom. Actually, I like the whole class.
    Gaialie: I like the reading corner in the classroom.

    We hope to visit again soon!

    Students from Ecole Nouvelle

  2. @Ecole Nouvelle,

    Thanks for visiting our blog! We loved your kind comments about our classroom.

    We wanted to know, what is the Parc de Sceaux? We guessed that Parc probably meant Park ... but what is a Sceaux?

    Your friends,

    Division 2


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