Monday, September 12, 2011

Reading rocks!

Today in Division 2 we talked about why it is so important to practice reading often! We came up with lots of great reasons to read: you can find information, get smarter, and become a better reader. Someone even suggested that practicing reading now will make us great readers when it's our turn to read to our own kids some day! Most of all, we thought it was important to read a lot because, well, it's fun!

After reading through a picture book together, we talked about what it means to be an independent reader. Look at all of our great ideas! Today we worked on reading independently for just three minutes without any interruptions. We're building our stamina for reading. That means we're training our body and our brains to read independently. Tomorrow we're going to read for a little longer, and then a little longer, and then a little longer. You get the idea!

What are we reading, anyway? Our book bins are filled with all kinds of different books. We have picture books, chapter books, non-fiction books, and more!

Leave us a comment: 

What kind of books do you like to read?

What do you think makes a good independent reader?  


  1. Dear Miss OC,

    I love reading! I used to stay up late with my light on and read until I fell asleep - sometimes in the middle of a page!

    I like to read books that make me think, and stories with characters who are like me are really interesting. It's a lot more fun to read a story if I can imagine myself in it!

    I think that a good independent reader doesn't just read the words on the page, they think about what they mean and how they affect the story. Whenever I find a word I don't know, I try to figure out what it could mean from the words around it...but sometimes I have to ask someone else! Learning new words from a book is almost as much fun as learning what the author is writing about, and (of course) having fun is the number one reason why I read in the first place!

    Your Friend,


  2. hello, division 2!
    It's Ms. Sigurdson. I miss you! I am so happy you are doing this blog. Are you using your laptops? Does Ms. O'Connor read you the Magic Tree House Books? We read 21 together last year-I wonder if you can read all the rest this year.
    I am so glad you are learning to read independently. It's important to know how to read, but reading to yourself can also be a lot of fun. You get to choose your own books, and learn about people and places that interest you.
    I am having fun at home with Brandon and Marlena. I am trying to teach them at home. But I take care of Emmy most days, and she just wants to play! Work hard! Learn lots! From Ms. Sigurdson.

  3. Wonderful! It's great to be able to read about what is happening in Jevan's classroom.

  4. @Ms. Sigurdeson,

    We are using our laptops to blog and play math games like the kitten match math game.

    We are not reading any Magic Tree house books yet. We are reading a book called the BFG by Roald Dahl. In our book a little girl named Sophie has been kidnapped by the BFG. Do you know what B-F-G stands for?

    We're excited because today we get to choose our own reading spots for the first time.

    We have a new student this year that you haven't met yet. Her name is Riannon. We would like to know how your children are doing. We wonder what you teach them at home. Are you reading the Magic Tree House books to your kids?

    Your friends,

    LES students in grade 2/3.

  5. @Kansas A,

    Thank-you for commenting on our blog! We're having a lot of fun writing, reading, blogging, and playing games online.

    We want to know how Sidney is doing, since she is not at our school anymore. We are wondering, what is her new school like?

    Your friends (and Jevan!),

    LES Grade 2/3.

  6. Sydney is doing great! She loves Kumsheen Secondary and says it's quite different than LES. She has to go to different classrooms with different teachers instead of staying in one classroom with one teacher.


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