Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reading Around the Room

In Division 2, we have been building our stamina for reading independently. Today we talked about all the different places in our classroom that are great for reading. We made a list of what makes a "Yay!" reading spot, and a "Boo!" reading spot. Check out our ideas: 

Comfort is very important!

One thing we could all agree on was that it was important to find a reading spot that was comfortable and free of distractions. Here are some pictures of us in our favourite reading spots: 

Sitting under tables is cozy.

It's fun to read on the stability ball!

Reading on mats and cushions is relaxing.

This reading spot is a favourite of many!

Our window seat and reading cave are always the first spots taken! 

A bench makes for a comfy place to stretch out!

We also have a mini-armchair. This is the king of comfortable!

Please leave us a comment:

What do you think makes a "Yay!" reading spot? 

Where do you love to read in the classroom? 

Do you have a favourite reading spot at home? 


  1. Dear Div. 2,

    I love your reading spots! Ms. O'C has worked very hard to create some great places to read. I love the window seat! Where is that? Last time I checked, that window had a wall under it! I love to read in bed, or out on my balcony at a little table my mom bought me. My children love the little red couch from our classroom last year. I also bought 2 little rocking chairs that they love. I am reading Marlena Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone right now- she thinks she is too big for Magic Tree House. The BFG is Big, Friendly, Giant! i love Roald Dahl- Ms. O'C should read you the Twits or George's Marvelous Medicine next! bye for now, Ms. Sigurdson.

  2. Your reading spots look spectacular! Did you know some people like to read in the bathroom? I think that's funny. :)

  3. @Kansas,

    Some of us had noticed that our parents kept books in the bathroom ... that must be what those books are for!

    Miss OC

  4. @Miss. Sigurdson,

    Thank-you for sharing your favourite spots to read with us!

    The window seat is under the window in the old calendar corner. (We do calendar activities at the Smartboard this year!) It used to be a prop from a play! Mr. White made it for the play Romeo & Juliet. Since those benches weren't being used anymore, we moved one to our classroom. The best part about the window seat is that you can lounge on top or curl up underneath it. We've discovered that we can fit 10 students comfortably on and under our window seat! When we're reading there's only two people allowed, though.

    I love the Harry Potter books! I bet Marlena is really enjoying them, too! I have a lot of Roald Dahl books in mind for more reading. One of my favourites has always been James and the Giant Peach. The new Division 4 teacher, Miss. Marlow, is reading it to the Grade 6's and 7's!

    Your friend,

    Miss. OC

  5. @ Miss.OC,

    I love to read in the reading cave.

    from Rain


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