Friday, February 17, 2012

Colour Poetry

These poems were written by Division 2 students all about colours. We used our imagination to describe what our favourite colours would feel like, smell like, taste like, and sound like. Check out our fantastic poems!

Yellow Birds

Yellow is ... baby chicks that chirp.
Yellow is ... a banana cake.
Yellow tastes like ... macaroni with hotdogs.
Yellow smells like ... sun flowers blooming.
Yellow feels like ... hard jelly beans.
Yellow  sounds like ... crunching chips.
Yellow is... a banana split.
Yellow is... a giant jelly bean.

By Preston

Blue jelly beans

Blue is ... a blue jelly bean.
Blue is ... fresh blue berries from the store.
Blue tastes like...berry ice cream.
Blue smells like... a blue flower.
Blue feels like... a hard crayon.
Blue sounds like...rain dropping from the sky.
Blue looks like...a warm blue lake.
Blue looks like...the sky on a summer day.

By Brandon

Stuff of Red Things

Red is ... the sound of popping balloons.
Red smells like ... weird old strawberries.
Red tastes like... sweet raspberries.
Red smells like... sour water melon.
Red feels like... squished tomatoes.
Red sounds like... dripping blood.
Red feels like... my heart beating fast.
Red feels like... slippery squished raspberries.

By Alexis 


Silver is ... a cold metal fence.
Silver is ... a metal bird.
Silver tastes like ... a fish from the ocean.
Silver smells like ... a fence.
Silver feels like ... a water bottle.
Silver sounds like ... a key unlocking a door.
Silver is ... two dollars.
Silver is ... a necklace.
 By Ebony

Gold Rocks

Gold is ... Money  dropping on the floor.
Gold is...Toy balls  rolling.
Gold tastes like... Cheese cake.
Gold smells like... Chips being made.
Gold feels like... Rough steel.
Gold sounds like...Metal being banged against wood.
Gold is... a pencil
Gold is... a truck driving.

By Cole 

Red is Awesome

Red is... A scary colour.

Red is ... A pretty colour,  too.

Red tastes like... A fresh strawberry.

Red smells like... A beautiful rose.

Red feels like... A wet heart beating.

Red sounds like... A flag waving.

Red tastes like... A sweet apple.

Red feels like ... Valentines day.

 By Trinity 



Yellow is... The sun on a Summer day.
Yellow is... Sun flower seeds growing.
Yellow tastes like... Kraft dinner with cut wieners.
Yellow smells like... Pop corn popping in the microwave.
Yellow feels like... Warm butter.
Yellow sounds like... A lion’s roar.
Yellow is... Juicy fruit gum.
Yellow is... Crunchy sun flower seeds.

By Jevan 

Red is a humming bird flying in the sky

Red is... a bird flying in the sky.
Red is... a heart beating in your body.
Red tastes like... a strawberry growing on the bush.
Red smells like... a  rose that is big and glowing.
Red feels like... a hard shiny jelly bean.
Red sounds like... a hyena laughing.
Red is... a drip of blood on the ground.
Red is... a flag and it is waving in the air.

By Fuzzy 

Blue  wonderful

Blue  is the sky
Blue  is the ocean waves
Blue  is  taste like fresh picked blue berries
Blue  smells like a blue flower
Blue feels like a soft blue pillow
Blue sounds like blue birds chirping
Blue is a butterfly’s wings
Blue is a soft rug

By Brooke-Lynne

Leave us a comment: 

What powerful descriptive words can you spot in our poems?

What kind of poetry do you like to write? 


  1. To Miss.OC
    Thanks for teaching us to make a poem it fun!
    from Cole

  2. Dear Div2

    you're Frind JAYLEE i love Ebony;s


  3. Dear Div2
    I like all of the poems.\

    Your friend Brandon

  4. To Alexis
    Yours is cool and kerley and pretty

    from Trinity

  5. dear div2
    i like all of the poems they look great

    from Brooke-lynne

  6. To Alexis.

    I like your coler pome because writing.

    Was it fun to make your pome.

    From Fuzzy.

  7. Dear div2,

    some discriptive words are rough steel and sun flowers blooming and a cold metal fence

    from Preston

  8. @ Miss.OC.
    I like the poems.When do I get to make one

    from your friend Riannon

  9. Dear Div.2

    I like writing fancy poetry.

    Some descriptive words are hard shiny jelly bean, squished tomatoes.

    from Alexis

  10. @ Trinity

    I like yours haw did you think of that?

    From Ebony

    1. @Ebony,

      What line do you like the best in Trinity's poem? I like how she made me think of what Valentine's day feels like in her last line. I think Valentine's day feels like happy surprises!

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC

    2. Thank you Miss.OC, I read what you said about my poem. My favourite part of my poem is the line about the waving flag.

      From Trinity


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