Friday, December 16, 2011

New students?

This week, we got some very tiny, very special new students!

These are salmon eggs. Can you see the black dot inside each egg? These eggs are 'eyed'! That means, they have been fertilized. Each of those black dots is the beginning of a tiny salmon. 

These salmon eggs aren't really sleeping at all. Inside each egg a salmon is busy developing! The salmon will grow inside their eggs for about a month longer and then they'll hatch.

Division 2 will be working hard to meet the needs of our new classmates. We know that fish need water to breathe, because they use their gills to get oxygen from the water. We learned that young salmon need very cold water to grow into strong adult salmon. Our class will be responsible for making sure our salmon have clean, cold water to swim in. Once the salmon hatch from their eggs, we will also have to make sure to feed them every day. We are looking forward to taking care of our salmon as they grow! 

Leave us a comment: 

What do you think about our newest students? 

Do you have an animal at home that you take care of? How do you meet all of its needs? 


  1. I like the new studets Miss,OC LOL.How are they?

  2. Dear div2,

    I have a pet named Henry. He is a guinea pig and he has a big cage.
    He drinks a lot of water and he runs lots. I have to feed him and get him water.

    From Preston

    1. @Preston,

      I love guinea pigs. When I worked at Science World we had two guinea pigs in the Search gallery, and I got to feed them and clean their cage every morning. Their favourite morning snack was red peppers. Mmmm!

      Having a pet can be a big responsibility! Do you have to feed your guinea pig every day? What kind of food does Henry eat? Do you ever have to clean out his cage?

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC

  3. Dear Miss.OC,

    I like our classroom. You are the best teacher.

    Do you know what colour my dog Lexi's fur is?

    your student, Jaylee.

    1. Dear Jaylee,

      Thank-you very much. I'm glad that you are enjoying Grade 2!

      I am guessing that your dog Lexi has light brown fur.

      Your teacher,

      Miss. OC


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