Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's October!

That's right, October is here already! In Division 2 we are already very excited about the adventures October has in store for us. We all had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends with our families, and we are looking forward to some special birthdays in our class later this month. The thing we are most excited for, though, is Halloween!

We got in the Halloween mood today in our writer's workshop afternoon! We read some spooky (and some silly!) poems about Halloween, and then we wrote some poems of our own.

Check out the Halloween acrostic poem we wrote as a class. We included some very spooky details!

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Snakes slithering on your face
Crazy cats scratching at your door
Around your fireplace, witches are making green, bubbling soup
Reaching zombies are trying to eat your brain
Yucky werewolves are jumping off your kitchen table

Leave us a comment:

Can you find the secret word spelled out in our Halloween acrostic poem?

Could you write your own Halloween poem?

What's your favourite event in October?


  1. Dear div2

    my favourite thing is Halloween

    from Preston

  2. Oh my! That is a scary Halloween poem! Very good Division 2. I hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween. :)

  3. Dear Div 2

    I have so much fun, for holloween because I get candy, and getting dressed up.

    Your classmate Brandon

  4. what a scary poem hope you had a very happy Halloween my Favorite time for Halloween is seeing all the ghosts and goblins

  5. Very well done division 2, I hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!!! I loved your poem, although it was a bit scary!!


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