Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Division 2 visits a Pumpkin Patch

Today, our class got to go on a special field trip to a pumpkin patch! Miss. Petschl's Division 1 class came, too. We got to explore the fields at the farm, search for pumpkins - both tiny and humungous, and pick out our very own pumpkin to bring back to school with us! We brought several cameras to take pictures of our adventure. Check out the photos we took of our fantastic day at the pumpkin patch!

The farm was huge! We had to drive across a river and up a really steep hill to get there!

The pumpkin patch was right beside a field full of this dry, tall stuff! Riannon guessed correctly that it was corn!

Here we are looking for our pumpkins!

We had excellent weather for pumpkin picking. Nothing but blue skies, pumpkins, and corn as far as you could see!

What a fantastic field trip!

To our AMAZING student photographers, you took some very beautiful photos today while you were choosing pumpkins - I was really impressed!  Unfortunately, the laptop at the school crashed and we lost most of them. I am very sorry that we can`t share all your photos with our blog friends and families. We will have to do an extra-great job of painting pictures with our words so we can show them all what it was like at the pumpkin patch!

Thanks to all the parents who joined us at the pumpkin patch today. We are so glad you got to share the pumpkin-picking experience with us!

Over the next two weeks, we will be measuring and weighing our pumpkins and making predictions about how many seeds might be in our pumpkins. On Halloween, we will get to carve our pumpkins in class!

Leave us a comment:

What was your favourite part of our field trip to the pumpkin patch?

What is your pumpkin like? 

Do you know any interesting facts about pumpkins? 


  1. Wow that's a lot of pumpkins! I wonder what they do with all of them?
    It sure looks like Div 2 was having lots of fun!

  2. Dear div2,

    My pumpkin is round

    from Preston

  3. dear div2

    my favourite part was picking pumpkins

    from Preston

  4. Dear Preston,

    I had fun picking pumpkins, too. It was my first time ever visiting a pumpkin patch!

    I chose a pumpkin that was really wide and not too tall. It looks like a perfect circle when you stand above it and look down. It also has a very pointy stalk. It reminds me of a witches hat! I picked it so I would have a lot of space to make my jack o'lantern face!

    Are you excited to carve pumpkins with the class? Carving pumpkins is one of my favourite Halloween activities.

    Your teacher,

    Miss. OC

  5. @ Kansas A,

    And our pictures only show half of the field! There were so many more pumpkins down the hill on the left of the field we were picking from.

    I did some research and found out that the farm we visited sells their pumpkins to grocery stores across BC. It's neat to know that some of the pumpkins we saw on our trip might be carved by people living in Kamloops or Vancouver!

    Miss. OC

  6. Dear Miss OC

    That was alot of pumkins i saw how much pumkins did you see.

    your friend Brandon

  7. Dear Brandon,

    I estimate that there was probably over 300 pumpkins in that pumpkin patch! I picked the number 300 because we took home over 30 pumpkins that day and our group of pumpkins looked really small compared to the whole field.

    Your teacher,

    Miss. OC

  8. Dear Miss OC

    I guess that there was 6000 pumpkins there.

    Your student Brandon

  9. @Brandon,

    Wow, 6000 pumpkins is a lot of pumpkins! Your estimate has got me thinking that I might want to change my estimate to a bigger number. I'm wondering, what thinking did you use to make your estimate?

    Your teacher,


  10. There sure is a lot of pumpkins there! I wonder if the bears come to eat them? Has anyone ever tried pumpkin pies made from scratch, not made from out of the cans?


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